EASY BREAD RECIPE – Unleavened Flat Bread Yeast Free and Quick 5

Flat Bread doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Unleavened and Flat Baked.

We might recognize it from many cultures but every bread eating culture will have at one time eaten this type of bread. And why not?? It’s delicious.

You simply have to make this yourselves, you will never make it only once.

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Flat Bread

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How to make Easy Bread Recipe
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 2-3 Minutes
Makes Approx: 8-9 Breads


  • 2 Cups of Plain / All Purpose flour. The better the flour the nicer the bread.
  • Water Approximately 1 and a bit Cups but by feel
  • Half to a Whole Teaspoon of salt. To your taste

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  1. Place the flour in a mixing bowl and add the salt. Pour in 1 cup of water. Start to mix with a fork.
    Now you will see if you have to add more water. Slowly add a splash at a time until the flour all comes together.
  2. Once the dough starts to form a ball use your hands to knead it all together.
    Place the dough onto a floured surface and knead until the dough becomes nice and silky and elastic.
    Divide the dough up into balls about the size of a large golf ball.
  3. Make sure you flour the surface that you are rolling on quite well and take one ball of dough.
    Using the end/edge of the rolling pin, roll out the dough. I tend to roll and then turn / spin the bread – roll, spin- until I have the desired size for my bread.
  4. Use a heavy bottom fry pan and heat the pan till it is quite hot.
    Place the bread in the pan and after about 30 seconds flip the bread over. this toasts and seals both sides of the bread. Again after about 30 seconds turn the bread over.
    Now you need to look for little air pockets to start to form in the bread. Once you see the pockets you can flip the bread again.
    Now the bread should really puff up. Gentle press the bread to push the air and cook the inside of the bread.
  5. Place onto a plate and cook the next bread. I stack the breads once they are cooked and this helps to keep them warm.
    These breads can be served in so many different ways, it is up to you. Enjoy!!!

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    Flat Bread