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Me LogoIf you love food,  discovering recipes and exploring different global food cultures then you will love Steve’s Kitchen. Hosted by Steve Owens a YouTube Celebrity Chef and Food Enthusiast, with over 20 years of food study and hands on experience, Steve creates fantastic recipes and great content for his YouTube Cooking show “Steve’s Kitchen

Steve is passionate about food and how it gets to our tables and loves to recreate easy to follow but genuine recipes, whilst bringing a little colour into your kitchen.

Steve and his wife Michele, love to travel and experience food from around the globe. Meeting with locals chefs and food lovers to learn about traditional cuisines and then using that knowledge to create wonderful cooking shows demonstrating regional cuisine and food preparation techniques from many parts of the world.

Interacting and replying to over 90% of his comments allows Steve to feel a part of a growing community which is YouTube.

With over 600 video recipes and over 150,000 followers on YouTube and Social Media, Steve continues to grow his community of fans both online and in person. 

In 2015  Steve’s Kitchen set off on a global tour of South East Asia, America and Europe and In May 2016, ‘Steve’s Kitchen’ spent 3 months in Malaysia, where he was invited by The Minister for Tourism to promote food tourism and culture on the Island of Penang, arguably the food capital of Malaysia.

National and Local Press covered the events. Sponsors included Shangri-La Hotels, Hotel Jen, DAE Motors, Tourism Penang, MOTAC, Tropical Spice Garden and Penang Chefs Association of Malaysia.


Press Releases:


Blogger on food hunt in Penang – “DON’T be surprised if you see an Englishman moving around Penang island on an electric scooter hunting for food…” http://www.thestar.com.my/metro

YouTube cooking sensation Steve Owens in Penang – “YouTube cooking sensation Steve Owens is currently in Penang to shoot his experience…” http://www.themalaymailonline.com

Chef: Preserve food heritage – “FAMOUS vlogger Steve Owens described his five weeks in Penang as a gastronomic spectacle…” http://www.thestar.com.my/metro

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