ADVENTURE BOUND – Still a little Grumpy

All Packed and adventure bound but where too?
Can you guess where will plan on going next? Thats if Jetstar can mange to get us to our destination!!!!!

Did you see the previous post? Here’s what happened next as we attempt to leave Australia to begin our epic adventures across the world.

Do we eventually get to board our Jetstar flight? And does it all get better?
You’ll have to watch and see 😀 😎

We have opted to travel very light this time and The Osprey Wheeled Duffels sure make travelling so much easier 🎒👍😎
Just these two 40L duffels and a small back pack each – thats all we are travelling with this time and we’re loving it 💕😀
Oh and of course our Akubra Traveller Hats 🤠🤠

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