How to flame a Christmas Pudding – The very best way to serve your Christmas pudding is to set it alight at the dinner table. In this video I will show you a quick and simple way to do this that looks so cool 🎄

ENJOY your Christmas 🙂

Pudding ready to be Flamed

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  • 1 Hot Christmas Pudding
  • A little Alcohol -I always use Brandy
  • A tea light or something to light it with

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  1. Place your hot Christmas pudding onto a serving plate and take to the table ready to serve. Turn off the lights
  2. Pour some alcohol into a ladle and gently warm it over a candle or gas stove. As it starts to warm tip the ladle slightly to one side to allow the alcohol to ignite and then quickly but gently pour the flaming liquid over the Christmas Pudding and watch it burn.
  3. Allow the flames to die down before serving with Cream, Brandy Butter, Custard, Ice Cream or all of the above 😋💕


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