We bought a Sony FDR X3000 Less than a couple of months ago. It’s been a great little action camera for vlogging on our travels.
We did not expect it to stop working 6 weeks later whilst we were touring Japan.
Luckily for us, or so we thought, Fukuoka (where we were at the time) had a huge Sony Store and their regional Head Office.
You’ll have to watch to see what actually happens.

Warning to All Sony FDR X3000 Owners!! There is apparently a known defect in the build of this Camera. On research it seems there is a dab of glue which holds the Sensor in the Lens Housing. The glue gets brittle after time, to the point the bond can break away and the sensor moves a fraction back, leaving the camera, permanently out of focus.

Initially, you may not even notice it, so I suggest looking at your video and seeing firstly, on Wide Angle, are the background subjects blurred? Can you read road signs clearly, from a few metres away? If they look at all blurry, your sensor may have come loose.

Although this is clearly a Design flaw in the Camera, Sony have refused to accept the liability and offer customers a solution. If you have a Sony FDR X3000 and this happens a week after your warranty expires, Sony will brush you off with excuses.

More and more electronic companies are producing shoddy goods and selling them for great profit, without backing up the quality assurance. I have always been a huge Sony Fan, this has knocked my confidence.

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