SHREK EAR WAX ON Q-TIPS – No.1 Most Disgusting Halloween 🎃 Recipes

And in the number 1 spot is……SHREK EAR WAX ON Q-TIPS – No.1 Most Disgusting Halloween 🎃 Recipes

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How to make Shrek Ear Wax on Q Tips
Prep Time: 2 minutes


  • Minin Marshmallows
  • Lolly Sticks
  • Smooth Peanut Butter
  • Green Food Gel
  • Modeling Chocolate if you want to make the ears and nose 😀
    Check out the Modelling Chocolate Recipe

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It’s so easy to make these Shrek Ear wax on Q Tips. Take a mini marshmallow and push it onto the end of a lolly stick. Turn the stick around and push another marshmallow on the other end. Now you have a ‘clean’ Q tip.
Take some smooth peanut butter and add a little spot of green food gel and mix together. That is the ear wax made. Just dip the cotton buds into the wax and your disgusting Halloween ‘treat’ is complete.
I made some Shrek ears out of modelling chocolate just for decoration.

Orge’s Ear Wax





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