Clotted Cream FAQ

I get so many Questions on Clotted Cream, I thought I would like to free up my time to answer new questions on the channel so here are the

Clotted Cream FAQ’s


More Questions Answered as I feel they need addressing!


Question: Steve its been in the oven for nearly 12 hours…… but it still seems runny

Answer: Please think about it, the fats in Cream are Butter Fats and what happens to butter when it’s hot or cream for that matter, it gets Runny. The Skin on the top is the clots and when it chills in the fridge you will have a Thick clotted Cream on top and a Thinner milkier cream underneath, that is the norm for Clotted Cream, both the top and the bottom layer of the Cream are a Usable part of clotted Cream.

The Density of the two creams will vary as to how good (or how rich in fat) your original cream was but even the poorer quality creams seem to do OK. So don’t panic, you are on the right track.

Question: We only have Pasteurized Cream where I live, will it work?

Answer: I have had success with Pasteurized cream and many viewers have reported success with Super Pasteurized Cream so it would seem Yes (Read Q on Fat below)

Question:  What Type of cream should I use?

Answer: Look for a Thick Cream or Double Cream but most importantly look for the Highest Butterfat/Fat content – 35% minimum if you are lucky up to 48% would be nice.

Question: My Cream says “THICKENED” will it work.

Answer: A lot of large corporate companies and supermarkets have worked out they can sell us thin cream that is thickened with gelatine and call it THICKened Cream, its a way of getting more money for less products, (There’s a surprise)  READ the label. Thickened Cream will work but you really want a Fat Content of at least 35% to produce anything usable, expect a thinner Clotted cream. HOWEVER!! I have had some good results so don’t dismiss it all together, there might be a slight papery skin appear on top of the cream, this is the Gelatine and is edible.

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