FOODTalk 002 – White Chocolate Lava Cake

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Today on the Show, we were off to a rocky start with Google Hang Outs Refusing to play ball, again. But luckily after a little virtual greasing of the www cogs we managed to get the show rolling forward.


Did you Enter the Steve’s Kitchen Cake Competition?  Entries Close 10th October


White Chocolate Lava Cake


100g / 3.5oz of White Chocolate
100g / 3.5oz of Butter
100g / 3.5oz of Sugar
3 Eggs
50g / 1.75oz of All Purpose / Plain Flour
1 teaspoon of  Vanilla Extract

Cooking Temperature 200C / 400F for 10 – 15 minutes depending on your Ramekins

FOODTalk News


BP Pipline Disaster Looming – Beer Pipeline 

Whilst protesters around the world stand up against environmental aggressive pipeline building, the People of Bruges in Belgium are in two minds if to complain about the building of a Beer Pipeline across their City, whilst the prospect of removing trucks off the Beautiful City streets is an environmental plus, the thought of what might happen in the event of a burst pipeline is a Sobering thought!  or is it.


Rocket Scientists Join Coke, Half the Calories by halving the Bottle Size

Cola and Soft Drinks companies are feigning compassion again, declaring they will be making effort to reduce Sugar in their Drinks, offering more Artificial Sweetened Drinks and, wait for it…..  smaller cans. Ah! logic of commerce.
It reminded me of a Program I watched “The Fat Truth About Low Fat Food” some time back and can be seen on YouTube today, In it are some interesting study reports which indicate Sugar Free drinks might be causing all manner of illnesses, not my view, just an alternate thought we should all be aware of. That show is here.


Hershey’s Land a Golden Monkey

In a week when Cadbury Launch a New Range of Carnival Chocolate Filled Bars. including Toffee Apple and Orange Lolly, Hershey have finalized their buy out of the Chinese Candy Company “Golden Monkey Foods” so will they be offering a Chinese twist to their range?  A Mr. Goodbar with RedBean, Chocolate Squid, perhaps.  I’d eat it :o)

Full Hershey Story Here


More Notes from the Show


Halloween is Coming, check out my Playlist here. Many More Recipes Launching this month, Keep a look out :o)



Viewers asked about my Christmas Pudding and Gingerbread House.  Get that Pudding Started Soon.


Steve’s Kitchen Demonstrates how to make a Gingerbread House


And here is a nice Time Lapse of Decorating the House.  Get the Kids involved.


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