BUYING A SIM CARD IN BALI – Indonesian Sim Cards

Always the first thing we have to do when we arrive in a new country is sort out our mobile Internet. What is the best sim card solution for Bali?
We ask the locals and, with a little help from ‘Google’, eventually get directed to the Indosat Building which turns out to have a mobile sim card kiosk in front of it.

We met the Lovely Endy and a couple of other Tourists who also needed Mobile Internet. So which Internet package do we go for? Watch the vlog to find out

A big thank you to Endy for all your help and thumbs up for the great service.

Thank you Endy for the great service

This is the Swarming Bees Video from Chiang Mai, Thailand that was mentioned in the video above 👍🐝🐝 it’s so cool

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