I’m a great Fan of Sushi Rice and a firm believer in not over boiling rice and wasting resources. So I would like to share with you my simple 10 minute Sushi Rice, Perfect every time.

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How to cook Sushi Rice
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes


Equal quantities of Rice to Water
For Example

  • 2 cups of Sushi Rice
  • 2 cups of Water
  • A Pinch of Salt

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  1. Place the Rice in a saucepan.
    Cover with water and wash the rice. Squeezing the rice gently, the water will become cloudy, this is the starch from the rice being washed away.
    Pour the water away and repeat the process two or three times until the water runs clear. The water will not be completely clear but it will be less cloudy.
    After the last rinse, drain off as much water as you can without losing any rice.
  2. Now add the same amount of water to rice. So if you have two cups of rice add two cups of water. Add a pinch of salt
    Place the saucepan onto the stove on a high heat.
    Bring the water up to a boil so the rice is just starting to dance around the edge of the pan.
    Now turn off the heat completely.
    Cover the pan with a towel and then place the lid on top. Fold the four corners of the towel over the top of the pan so that it is away from the heat.
  3. Next turn on the stove top to the lowest heat possible and place your covered pan onto this ring.
    Leave the rice to cook for 10 minutes – no more, no less. Do not be tempted to lift the lid at any point.
    Once 10 minutes has passed remove the pan from the stove and your rice will be ready.
    Remove the lid, pop the rice into a wooden bowl or onto a wooden surface and gently spread the rice so that it can cool.
  4. This rice is now ready to be used for any sushi recipe. Check out my channel  for Onigiri or  Sushi Rolls

Serve and Enjoy.

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IMPORTANT Notes for Electric Stove

Electric stoves are not like gas, when you turn the Gas down it goes down instantly, when you turn the Electric from high to low, it might oblige you in the next 5 to 10 minutes, they just are not as responsive.

You need to follow my steps as the video but make the rice dance on a ring at it’s highest level but then completely move the pot to a second ring that is “already” set to 2, so it is already cooled down, cover tightly for 10 minutes.

Leaving it on the high ring just won’t work, it might as well be on high for the whole cook.

On my electric hot ring, I found 2 seemed to work best, for the same 10 minutes.. You may need to use 1 but I suggest as mine worked with 2, try it.