Time for the All American Fairground Food – The Corn Dog. So simple but so delicious 🌽+ 🐶 = 🎡🎉😋💕 Steve’s Kitchen, is FREE consider Becoming a Patreon we Love our Patreons, […]


Donuts or Doughnuts – which way is correct? Regardless if you like your Donuts sugared, glazed, filled with jam / jelly or just plain then look no further. How to make Donuts/Doughnuts […]

Nacho & Cheese Halloween Pumpkin Dip 1

Do you need a savoury dish to take to a Halloween Party or just something delicious to munch on – then this Nacho & Cheese Halloween Pumpkin Dip is a […]

How to Make Rainbow Pasta – Rainbow Series 04

Florian Barbarino, a subscriber, commented on my Chocolate Crinkle Rainbow Cookies that he loved the cookies and would I make some rainbow coloured pasta. Well I love making pasta and […]

Rainbow Cheesecake – Capture a Rainbow

Rainbow cheesecake – Wow!! This is an absolutely delicious No Bake, Fruit Layered, Rainbow Cheesecake made in individual portions. You could easily make this as one large dessert too. All […]

French Toast in a Mug 1

French Toast or Eggy Bread – not sure what you should call this – but whatever the name it tastes great and made super quick in a mug. This makes […]

Chocolate Lava Cake in a Mug

Here is a perfect chocolate Lava Cake cooked in a mug in the microwave. This is a delicious dessert that is just ready to be shared especially on Valentines Day […]

Lasagna in a Mug – 90 Second Lasagne

Lasagne in a Mug!!! No way that is going to work I hear you say. Well when you are travelling and have limited cooking facilities it is amazing how inventive […]

PIE FLOATER – Aussie Day Classic

This is a Great Australian Classic, originating in Adelaide, South Australia and just perfect for Australia Day on 26th January. It is great any time of the year and in […]